Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Heel grips to stop you slipping

Ever had that problem where you are walking in some shoes or high heels and find that you're slipping all over the place because either your shoes are too big or don't fit right?
Well a clever way to fix this problem and stop this from happening can be by wearing something as easy and as simple as heel grips inside your shoes.

Slipping and wearing shoes that don't fit properly can cause all sort of problems including inflammation on the plantar fascia caused by the constant rubbing this may lead to plantar faciitis.

Instead you can choose to buy some heel grips to stop this from occurring  Right you may be thinking that they may compromise the style and fashion of the shoes or high heels when you wear them but they will not make them bulky at all and people and also you will not even be able to notice or see the difference between you having them slipped in the inside of your shoes hidden away and them not being there.