Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Duplicate conetn is okay for seo apparently

According to Matt cutts who is head of google spam team at google obviously (just said that ;))duplicate content is okay and you wont always get penalized for it only if you are doing it to manipulate the search results does it become a problem and does panda penalize you.. Well that is what the latest YouTube video is saying.. which goes against everything people have been saying you should be doing in the seo world for 2 years now.. complete madness really... BUT I must point out even though according to Matt that 30% of the internet is duplicate content is it 100% legal content after all you need rights to copy and republish content and thus if you do go copying and pasting left right and center other people content you may get dmca request for you web pages to be taken off google completely.. worse than a penalty. Too many are also said to effect your overall domains ranking power and trust as well.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Cool this is inspiring!

I just posted about this on my google plus but I thought it deserved a blog post here. I came across this really extra-ordinary piece of art that was done 100% on Photoshop nothing else used and it looks exactly like a photograph. The concept behind the piece is simple but is a little confusing if I got this right.. it is a piece of art that tries to mimic a photograph ie photo-realism, is of a cartoon made in Photoshop. So you got the blend of photo-realism meets cartoon! ORIGINAL I give it that. I really is quite cool! Go check it out... here. I dont have the right to copy and paste it on my blog as I dont want to be stealing pieces of art... and being a copyright infringer you see I am a good boy :). Maybe I should try my hand out on Photoshop I have never been that good with the mouse maybe I need to buy one of those drawing tablets.

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Mack brown leaving the Longhorns

 Mack brown has said that he is leaving the Texas longhorns... sad times indeed as mack really did help push the longhorns all the way but who will take his place hmmm....
Mack brown is thought to be leaving the Texas longhorn side and already people are speculating on just who will be replacing Mack brown next season to take the head coach job. I know it must be a pretty hard job taking over from a long running coach who probably knew all the players abilities skills and knew them personally to... My money though has to be on Mike Grundy he know his stuff and has been a excellent coach for the cowboy team as well making them one of the strongest teams in the NFL this season.. go on longhorns pick Mike Grundy to be the next coach? There are lots of coaches that could potentially get the job but I think that Mike Grundy has proven himself witht he cowboys.... I wonder if when it comes down to it if the Longhorns will go for the least expensive coach and settle for anyone, get a coach that is completely new and nobody has heard of before or will instead just go for one expensive one but one they know will win games like mike Grundy.. I guess only time will really tell who will take the place of Mack but I do sure hope that it will be Mike... if not then I will be quite disappointed....and confused as to why they didn't grab Mike when they had the chance to.

I am really enjoying this NFL season (though I really hate how the adverts this season have gone way overboard and kinda wrecks things for me) lots of players are getting injured though and this wrecks teams chances... and brings surprises too like the Denver's getting beat recently by the underdogs san deigo side.

Toby Gerhart and Adrian Peterson may not be playing

Toby Gerhart and Adrian Peterson runner backs for the Vikings will be unlikely to be playing in today's game were the Minnesota side will be taking on thee Philadelphia eagles because they both are still not fit enough to play after injury.
Peterson maybe able to play but it is still unknown as to whether the foot injury that he got received in the game against Baltmore Ravens. Gehart is suffering from a injured hamstring as wont be playing full stop against the Eagles, he got this injury in the same game Peterson got his foot injury

A lot is happening and a lot of football players are becoming injured this season! 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Height increasing insoles help for those of us who are small than we would like. I have been wearing height increasing insoles for quite some years now and never in all the years i have been wearing these insoles has someone guessed that i have got them on and that is why im so tall! I would advise anyone who is looking to grow taller or wanting to be just that little bit taller and needs confidence to give them a try!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Im sick of big companys ignoring the small people!

So i requested some host in china to take down a website that was illegally publishing my blog posts from here and other websites i own but was simply ignored. Big company's are now thinking that they are above the law and something must be done to stop them and more international laws should be put into place to make sure just because a company is in china or some other country doesn't mean they can simply ignore stuff and get away with it.!!!!
My blog posts are being copied.. this maybe a very very small blog and i am yet to actually post much at all really but the post i wrote about height increasing insoles has been copied and republished by some morn elevator shoes sellers from china apparently that what whois tells me anyway. What really annoys me is that i work hard and now google is ranking theirs above mine which really gets on my nerves and google has rejected my dmca for some odd reason...... I really annoyed.