Saturday, 27 July 2013

Im sick of big companys ignoring the small people!

So i requested some host in china to take down a website that was illegally publishing my blog posts from here and other websites i own but was simply ignored. Big company's are now thinking that they are above the law and something must be done to stop them and more international laws should be put into place to make sure just because a company is in china or some other country doesn't mean they can simply ignore stuff and get away with it.!!!!
My blog posts are being copied.. this maybe a very very small blog and i am yet to actually post much at all really but the post i wrote about height increasing insoles has been copied and republished by some morn elevator shoes sellers from china apparently that what whois tells me anyway. What really annoys me is that i work hard and now google is ranking theirs above mine which really gets on my nerves and google has rejected my dmca for some odd reason...... I really annoyed.

Why caplitsm is destroying music

Capitalism destroys all creativity. There is no hiding from the fact. The fact is capitalism is superficial and all about making money. quality is destroyed in capitalism for what ever has the best return on investments and what sells to the masses. Obviously not everyone would get a deep message being told in some great music so that's why capitalists stay away from good music because it may not appeal to everyone resulting in lower sales and lower profits. Really captlism is just using people... using music.. using art to make money... You should be ashamed if you listen to mainstream music because really you are just listening to one big advert!

Well that's my view anyway!