Monday, 22 April 2013

How to grow taller with the help of shoe lifts

Ever wanted to be taller.. the other day I came across these cool things........ that make somehting that is often said to be impossbile possible..... and it aint standing on a box! What they are are some inserts you plop inside your shoes and they make you tall.... WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shoe lifts can be worn by just about any who wishes to increase their height once and for all! The reason for wearing some shoe lifts doesn't have to be because you want to be taller, people wear them for comfort! The advanced orthotic technology that has been built into many shoe and heel lifts makes for comfortable wearing.
Shoe lifts have been adapted from heel lifts which where designed for helping with leg length discrepancy's so needed to be comfortable and offer a constant level of support and height to those wearing them. Shoe lifts haven't lost any of these qualities despite the changing focus from leg length discrepancy's to height gain.
Shoe lifts can be bought that have been made out of silicone gel, this gel material can actually act as a shock absorber. This makes shoe lifts particularly good at warding off problems like plantar fasciitis caused by the damaging or even just inflammation of the plantar fascia located under the arch of the foot of which it supports.
The shoe lifts will provide support that just cannot be compared to that found in regular insoles for the arch and heel of the foot. A pair of shoe lifts can deter problems like plantar fasciitis from occurring due to the fact that the extra support will help take the strain and damaging pressure off the plantar fascia and prevent inflammation or damage to it.
Particularly this is important to athletes and those who are obese. Athletes can over use their feet and thus run the risk of creating excess strain on the plantar fascia. People who are overweight have a high risk of getting plantar fasciitis because of the added weight creates added pressure and tension which the plantar fascia cannot support on it own.. the arch supports found in a pair of shoe lifts help to stop this.

Okay enough about how comfortable shoe lifts are to wear.. how can they make you grow taller? Well truth be told you wont grow taller but you will increase your height by 3 good inches or more depending on the height you have got the lifts adjusted too. That right you are able to adjust the height on the lifts to a height you feel comfortable with.. It is quick and easy to do plus it means you can slowly gain height over time to make other "think" that you are naturally growing.

Many shoe lifts work with the adjustable "stack" system where each stack can be stacked on one another adding to your height.

The height you can gain instantly with some of these height increasing insoles can actually boost your confidence as well as you will be noticeably taller but the fact that the shoe lifts are hidden means nobody knows that you have them on and you can be confident in yourself! More confidence will result in better jobs... people will noitce you more and chat to you more, you have more respect and people will listen to you more.

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