Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Cool this is inspiring!

I just posted about this on my google plus but I thought it deserved a blog post here. I came across this really extra-ordinary piece of art that was done 100% on Photoshop nothing else used and it looks exactly like a photograph. The concept behind the piece is simple but is a little confusing if I got this right.. it is a piece of art that tries to mimic a photograph ie photo-realism, is of a cartoon made in Photoshop. So you got the blend of photo-realism meets cartoon! ORIGINAL I give it that. I really is quite cool! Go check it out... here. I dont have the right to copy and paste it on my blog as I dont want to be stealing pieces of art... and being a copyright infringer you see I am a good boy :). Maybe I should try my hand out on Photoshop I have never been that good with the mouse maybe I need to buy one of those drawing tablets.

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